Concern on Chocolate II

Chocolate causes cavities

There is speculation that the cocoa butter in chocolate coats the teeth and prevents plaque from forming. The sugar in chocolate is however a contributor to dental cavities, but so is the sugar in any other food. Additionally, chocolate melts quickly in your mouth, so it doesn’t leave a long-lasting residue as do some other foods and beverages. Poor oral hygiene however DOES lead to cavities

Concern on Chocolate

Dark Chocolate give some people headaches

Certain individuals do react to dark chocolate but it's still with no scientific confirmation yet. The same people ofter reported get headaches from red wine and aged cheeses. Some researchers have associated this with the chemicals in chocolate, including caffeine and theobromine; other say these headaches occur most commonly in those prone to migraines

Chocolate FACT

Chocolate is good for your heart

Studies across the world consistently report chocolate's blood thinning properties. We've seen reports that some types of chocolate can aid brain functions and delay ageing. We have even seen one report that says theobromine (a constituent of cocoa) is more effective than codeine at soothing a sore throat and coughing. Now we hear that researchers have discovered that the husks of the cocoa bean contain an antibacterial agent that fights tooth decay and plaque!  

Isn’t chocolate simply the most perfect food ever? It tastes good, it does you good and it makes you feel great!

Perbezaan Jenis Coklat

Coklat diperbuat daripada 2 jenis iaitu coklat tulen (Chocolate couverture) dan coklat compound. Namun begitu, coklat masakan SAMA SEKALI tidak boleh untuk di buat coklat.

Coklat Couverture @ real coklat merupakan coklat yang dihasilkan munggunkan cocoa butter (mentega koko) dan kerana itulah coklat yang diperbuat daripada coklat tulen lebih sedap dan sudah tentu mahal harganya daripada coklat compound. Contoh coklat yang dibuat menggunakan coklat Couverture ialah coklat Ferrore Rocher ,Cadbury dan semua coklat mahal. Coklat tulen yang belum dibentuk seperti coklat bar atau coklat handmade hanya dijual di speciality shop,selalunya ia dijual sebagai Dark Chocolate (cocoa,cocoa butter & gula), Milk Chocolate (cocoa, milk powder,cocoa butter & gula), White Chocolate (milk powder,cocoa butter & gula)

Coklat Compound merupakan coklat yang diperbuat menggunakan lemak sayuran, sebagai pengganti lemak koko seperti lemak dari kelapa sawit (vegetable fat). Boleh dijadikan candy tetapi lebih keras berbanding dengan candy yang diperbuat dari coklat tulen dan ianya lebih stabil pada suhu bilik dan paling sesuai untuk digunakan sebagai coklat coating. Coklat compound juga ada dijual sebagai dark coklat,milk coklat dan white coklat.

Bagi membezakan antara coklat tulen dan compound ialah dengan melihat takat kecairan coklat apabila dipegang. Apabila coklat mudah cair selepas dipegang maka kebarangkalian coklat tersebut terdiri daripada coklat tulen.

Chocolate MYTH and FACT

Did you know?


Chocolate containing cocoa is a non-nutritious food.


A 1.5 oz. bar of milk chocolate supplies the following percentages of the U.S. Recommended Daily Allowances: Calcium - 9%; Riboflavin - 9%; Protein - 6%; Iron - 3%; Vitamin A - 2.4%; Thiamine - 2%.   The addition of, for example, nuts or peanut butter increases the nutrient values.


Chocolate is nutritious..


Chocolate is a major source of dietary sugar for children


Studies conducted at Michigan State University show that less than 3 percent of children's total sugar intake comes from chocolate and other confections


Chocolate is suitable for kids..